About Night Organics

We always strive to use non-gmo ingredients of top-tier quality, and we always strive to use premier organic ingredients when making extracts and in every other circumstance when such ingredients are available and that’s why our company name is “Night Organics”.  We hope our name conveys this message and that we use the top of the range ingredients to support healthy nights.

 Some organic ingredients that come available contain too high of heavy metal content, lack the potency, or contain other micro-content. So if they do not meet the standard of Night Organics, then we will use what we consider a higher quality ingredient available even if that ingredient isn’t classified as "organic."  Some ingredients like melatonin are not organic unless they come from animals so we do not use the organic version. 


Jared Smith
Chief Product Officer

Jared is a mastermind behind solving health riddles that wreak havoc on the world. He started a career in the business and finance world. Soon he began to experience terrible health side effects that resulted in chronic fatigue, panic, weight gain, illness, and moodiness. 

Doctors told him time and time again it was just in his head or poor diet and exercise, so he decided to find the solution himself. 

Jared returned to get a graduate degree in Health Solutions. There he studied exercise, physiology, nutrition, kinesiology, biology, and many other essential subjects. He became an expert in pathophysiology and time and time again discovered that sleep disruption was a powerful root cause and symptom of unwellness in the body.

Jared set out to find a solution to the most basic tenants of sleep disruption. The most beneficial research hides in medical jargon, so he became fluent in medical terminology to decipher the code that locks the most modern discoveries improving the quality and extending life. He got so good at medical terminology that he became a professor and taught it to some of the up-and-coming brightest doctors and medical practitioners. In the process, Jared discovered an entire world of unknown health backed by study after study tied to the natural world. 

After finding the most healthful night-time botanicals on the planet, in the most bioavailable forms, Jared perfected blends to experience significant benefits firsthand from consistent and restorative sleep. He quickly desired to share it with the world, and thus Nightshot™ was created.

Jared is thrilled to be part of this mission to renew, restore, and replenish health by putting the world to sleep in the most natural and beneficial ways possible.


William Cotter
Chief Executive Officer

William comes from a long line of experienced professionals who have successfully brought remarkable growth and beauty into the world. William has spent the last decade using his skills to support the mission of some of the most prominent leaders who bring high-quality, authentic products into the natural world. 

When he was 21, he lost his mother to a fast-acting form of cancer and his father later in life. He watched firsthand as conventional treatments failed and decided to learn for himself if there were better ways to treat disease and prevent it. 

William has accelerated ventures dedicated to researching the root causes and possible remedies to deadly modern illnesses. Time and time again, a common factor to health problems is disrupted sleep.

William has taken the lead in bringing all the expertise, research, knowledge, and experience into greatly assisting the world in newfound pathways to health and wellness.  

What better way than helping the world rejuvenate and regenerate in the most beneficial ways possible so they can wake up restored and replenished ready to take on any challenge.